An Inter-Disciplinary Postgraduate Symposium in Postcolonial Studies: New Research in Scotland

Saturday 26th April, 2008

Hosted by the Centre of Commonwealth Studies, University of Stirling.

The Centre of Commonwealth Studies exists to provide a focus for postgraduate and undergraduate work relating to Commonwealth countries, particularly in the fields of African history, African and Caribbean culture and writing, African and Caribbean religion, Australian writing and painting, the literature of India and of New Zealand, Scottish and Irish culture, and postcolonial critical theory.

The Centre opened in 1985 and has, since then, held a regular series of lectures, seminars, film screenings and poetry readings, and has organised symposia for staff, students, and members of the public. Students who attend the Centre's events come from a wide range of different academic areas; the staff of the Centre are interested in promoting inter-disciplinary debate of colonial and postcolonial issues. All events are open to the public, who are welcome to attend.

The Department of English Studies' M.Litt in Postcolonial Diasporas runs under the auspices of CCWS. See for further details about the M.Litt course.

The separate CCWS website is currently under development. When completed, it will provide further details on the Centre's teaching and research activities. Details of past CCWS seminars can be found at

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